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Meet Adrian Salazar: Your Window Film Expert

Meet Adrian Salazar, with over 27 years of experience in tinting automotive, commercial, and residential windows around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. He has had the privilege of working in various settings, from great tint shops to owning his own successful tint business for 16 years and dealerships.

Throughout your training course, he'll be guiding you through the basics and instructing you on how to professionally install window film. His aim is to help you kickstart or advance your career.

Adrian has condensed all the lessons learned over the years into a quick and formal training program. Our goal is to ensure that, when you leave here and embark on your business or career, you possess the knowledge to install window film like a pro.

We look forward to sharing my expertise with you and setting you on the path to success!

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Meet Paul Quaranta: Your Paint Protection Film Expert

Meet Paul Quaranta, the latest addition to our team at North Texas Tint Institute. With years of experience and his own successful business in the field, Paul brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Paul's goal extends beyond teaching the techniques of paint protection film installation. He aims to offer invaluable insights into the industry and shares knowledge of sales from a business standpoint. Drawing from his extensive experience, Paul is dedicated to providing comprehensive training that prepares students not only for the technical aspects of the craft but also for the business side of the industry.

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