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Frequently Asked Questions

North Texas Tint Institute (NTTI)

Q1: Full Refund/Credit – If I cancel my confirmed booking for the class what will happen to the money?

A: In the event of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, the amount paid for a confirmed booking of a scheduled class will be applied towards your future classes if you have not attended the original scheduled classes. Non-refundable packages are eligible for credit only towards future scheduled class sessions.


Q2: Partial Refund/Credit – If I cancel my confirmed booking for the class and am currently attending classes, but due to unforeseen reasons, I cannot complete my training courses, what will happen to the money?

A: If you have to cancel a class you've already started, a partial credit (e.g., for the remaining days of a multi-day course) will be applied towards your future classes. Non-refundable packages are eligible for credit only towards future scheduled class sessions.


Q3: Business Paid - Partial Refund/Credit – If I want to request a name change for the original worker/student booked to attend an upcoming class, can I make a name change? 

A: Yes. We must receive a written request via email one week prior to the start of the class if a name change is to be made from the original worker/student to attend. Please send your written request to Attn: Front desk, See Refund Q1/Q2 of purchasing non-refundable policy on full/partial. If a student(s) is traveling by airplane/Train or any other form of transportation that a full name was given at the time of booking, individuals must see rules/regulations of respective companies of their name change/cancellation policies. This only applies to student(s) that are attending our classes that live in the DFW and surrounding Texas areas that are traveling to/from our facility of their own form of transportation. We do not have any exception on our part to help.


Q4: Transportation/Accommodation – Does NTTI provide local, in-state, out-of-town or out-of-state students with room & board and transportation during training classes? 

A: No, all students must arrange their own accommodation and transportation to/from classes for scheduled lessons. We do not have transportation to our facility at any point. Students must provide their own form of transportation to/from our facility.

B: We are closest to DFW International Airport (DFW). We are approximately 15-20 minutes away from the terminal depending on traffic on I820/183. The nearest TRE TRAIN STATION is less than 5 minutes from our facility located at; 7225 Burns St, Richland Hills, TX 76118. These train schedules are updated daily. Please check your stations and schedules through; for additional stops. If you plan to utilize the train station, then you’ll have to take an Uber or Taxi to our facility.

C: There are several 1-3 star hotels in the area of 76118/76180/76182/76054 area codes that we feel have the easiest access to the airport and our facility if you are an out-of-town student. If it helps; you can plug in our facility address of 2229 E. Loop 820 N. Fort Worth, TX 76118 to the hotel you have in mind to give you an accurate distance from our facility. We are also minutes from Downtown Fort Worth and the world-famous Stockyard and Billy Bob’s Texas. 


Q5: Breakfast/Lunch – Will NTTI provide students with breakfast/lunch/non-alcoholic beverages during class sessions?

A: Yes, the purchased package on specifies the daily inclusions for your class lessons. Dietary requests should be emailed to, Attn: Front desk, one week before your class. If forgotten, request a form at the front desk on the first day.


Q6: Extra Time – Can I come in early or stay late for extra practice?

A: Yes, between 8 am – 9 am and 4 pm – 5 pm (Monday – Friday), scheduled students for the week can practice before and after regular class hours to perfect their skills.


Q7: Can I buy film, tools, and software used with NTTI to start my window tint business after graduation?

A: Yes/No. NTTI carries some tools for purchase through Fusion Tools (limited quantity due to vendor contracts).

B: Yes. Window tint software used during class sessions are available for purchase for business use only through NTTI.

C: No. Film, Students interested in buying film should set up their vendor’s account directly with the respective companies. 


Q8: Do I receive a certificate of completion after finishing my training course with NTTI?

A: Yes, absolutely! At NTTI, we recognize your dedication to learning and ensure that your investment in the purchased package is worthwhile. Upon successful completion of your course, you will receive a certificate of achievement. It's important to note that while the window tint industry does not require formal certification, our certificate serves as a representation of your completion and achievement in our program. While we don't guarantee job placement, we provide contacts of businesses seeking graduates. One of our mottos is: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."


Q9: What’s the guarantee for schooling?

A: We guarantee that you will learn the foundation and processes needed to cut, shrink and properly apply window tint, as well as leave with a clear understanding of window film.


Q10: What time are the classes?

A: Our classes are held from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Q11: Do we get continued support?

A: Yes, absolutely! We offer extended support via email or by phone call, if you have any questions or need help with particular techniques. This has been proven to be VERY helpful for all.


Q12: Can I get a discount on my future class bookings after attending my first course lessons?

A: Yes. You will automatically receive a 20% discount on any future moderate/advanced course after you have completed your first scheduled 5-days course. All bookings for the discount must email to, Attn: Speak with front desk for verification of continuations courses requesting for the 20% off discount on the new package. 


Q13: Can I get a discount for 2 or more attending from the same company?

A: Yes. You will automatically receive a 10% discount on booking 2 or more students if coming from the same window tint shop or corporation that is paying for 2 or more students.  All students must attend the same scheduled session and the 10% discount applies to the 5-days course only package. All bookings for the discount must email to, Attn: Front desk for verification of the 2 or more students attending the same courses requesting for the 10% off discount on the new package. 


Q14: What brand films do you use?

A: We are a brand neutral facility and teach how to tint windows using all leading brands on the market today and can cater to a class’s specific needs. We choose a wide variety of high-quality Ceramic, Nano-Ceramic and Carbon films from multiple manufacturers so our students gain experience with them all. All training is focused on using premium films, not inexpensive, flimsy, single-ply dyed films.  We do not use “Junk Film” or bad roll run offs. Manufacture-specific classes can be arranged so a manufacturer can hold a class using their films for training.